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    Dakota Smashed Pea and Barley soup from CPK
    No one goes to cpk anymore, but this is the best soup ever.
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    The Bagel Factory on Robertson
    They have an array of soups and they are always piping hot.
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    Matzo Ball Soup from Jerry's Deli.
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    French Onion Soup from The Little Next Door
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    Lobster Bisque from Mastro's
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    Clam Chowder from Souplantation
    I know, clams from souplantation😷... But I swear, it is good!
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    Sweet and Sour Cabbage soup with short ribs from Jerry's Deli.
    Super underrated and probably better than the Matzo Ball soup.
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    Veggie purée
    La Scala! So mad they use chicken broth on a veggie soup
    Suggested by   @sophia