1. Editor in chief of US Weekly
    Every Friday I used to leave high school, stop at the newsstand and pick up the newest issue of US Weekly. I would read the magazine cover to cover and study every page.
  2. Dermatologist
    I had really bad skin growing up. I used to think that I never wanted anyone to feel the way about their skin that I did. I figured the best solution was to become a dermatologist and cure everyone's acne. Then Accutane became a hot topic. My skin cleared up and I decided I did not want to touch pimples all day.
  3. @sophia's Assisstant
    Or working on anything that she had going on! My mom always said "she has her finger on the pulse."
  4. Work for a show on Food Network
    I am a Food Network junkie. I almost packed up shop in LA for an internship in the big apple. I could have been BFF with the Barefoot Contessa by now.
  5. Lounge singer in Las Vegas
    My dad was in the apparel industry so every February and September for as long as I can remember the Port gang ventured to Vegas for a week at a time. We stayed at The Tropicana because it was the 90s and this was apparently a hot spot. There was a lounge by the elevators where a woman performed basically all day every day. I thought her voice was funny and entertaining and started imitating her. I did such a good job that my family's dream job for me was to be a vegas lounge singer. Cc @benjamin