1. The G-String Uprising
    The administration banned g-strings for 6-8th graders after a girl wore a see through white skirt with her thong sticking out on top. The students were outraged because a VPL is gross. G-Strings lived on.
  2. The vending machine uprising
    No more candy and soda in the vending machines. No more Dr. Pepper at 8 am. No more shock tarts at noon. Students were outraged.
  3. The coffee/smoothie bar station uprising
    The administration removed the coffee cart from the Beth's Kitchen Catering package. Students could no longer get their cappuccino or Oreo milkshake fix at 9:50 am. Students were outraged.
  4. The Chrome Hearts uprising
    The teachers felt it inappropriate for students to be wearing clothes that said "FUCK YOU" on them. They tried to ban them but the students were outraged and fought on.
  5. The AP test uprising
    The administration wanted to remove AP classes from the class list to create a more level playing field for all students. But, Tom, how are we going to get into Yale if we can't take AP tests like all the kids at Brentwood and Harvard Westlake?!?
  6. The Kate Spade & Prada Purse Ban in Middle School
    Suggested by @Lilysaltz
  7. PE Dress Code Uprising
    In protest of PE uniforms and the class in general. Basically was expected in the form of never bringing PE clothes ever. Or going to the counselor to basically have a therapy session instead of go to PE class at all.
    Suggested by @Lilysaltz
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