I got off of work early today and after a few hours too many of watching HGTV I decided it was time to get out of the house and take a walk to the market.
  1. Are these blondie quinoa brownies I'm about to make THAT much healthier than regular brownies?
    Probably not.
  2. Do Asian couples do more hand holding?
    I think so. I don't stroll the aisles at Ralphs holding @benjamin's hand.
  3. What should @benjamin and I do tonight?
    Should I make a dinner reservation? Bowling? Movie?
  4. Walking home with groceries sucks.
  5. Everyone drives black cars.
  6. Pedestrians are not conscious that they are taking up the whole sidewalk by walking in the middle.
  7. I'm still really annoyed that I was the only one who showed up for yoga this morning so they had to cancel the class
  8. Cell phone, please don't die before I get home.