My work day ended early and @benkorell had a baseball game, so I've been hanging out with myself since 3:30 pm.
  1. Got a coffee
  2. Wandered around Century City mall
  3. Got gas
  4. Deposited a check in a drive-thru Wells Fargo
  5. Organized my cosmetics cabinet
  6. Cleaned my makeup brushes
  7. Walked to pick up dinner
  8. Washed some laundry in the sink. (Too lazy to do a full load)
  9. Played Candy Crush
  10. Looked up restaurants for a dinner on Friday night with friends. Easy and boozy in WeHo (recommendations welcome!)
  11. Talked to my mom
  12. Texted with my housekeeper
  13. Reloaded Instagram 100 times
  14. Figured out what was making my apartment stink - dead flowers
  15. Threw away dead flowers
  16. Ignited a group text convo with a few BFFs