I left my wallet at the office yesterday and am working from home today. Here's how I have been surviving life without my wallet.
  1. Dinner last night with friends - my BFF covered me. She doesn't have venmo so ill pay her back eventually. (It's all even in the end anyways, right, @Lilysaltz @aubrey?!?)
  2. Worked out this morning - got that class pass account so my info is locked and loaded!
  3. @benkorell did give me all the cash he had in his wallet ($15) but I'm really trying not to spend it.
  4. Breakfast - made 🍳 at home!
  5. Gas - I've got a little less than half a tank so my fill up is a few days away!
  6. Lunch - TBD. Considering trying out door dash. I downloaded the app the other day and already stored my cc info. Thank you iPhone and apps for making my life so easy. Or maybe I'll go to Reddi Chick and charge it to my family's house account!?
  7. Donating items at good will - no money needed!
  8. Taking clothes to the tailor. They only accept cash or Checks so I'm taking that check book out of the miscellaneous drawer and throwing it into my purse for the day.
  9. Meeting my brother around 5:30 for a rendezvous to get my wallet back!