We didn't have many rules growing up but the ones we did are long gone! Add your rules!
  1. I don't have to drink milk with my dinner.
    I can have water, soda or even a god damn cocktail!
  2. I can drive a German car if I want.
    And I do! The Port parentals only drove American cars and only bought us kids American cars, I get it, I really do. But I pay for my car now so I can drive whatever I want!
  3. Boys are allowed upstairs.
    Growing up there were no boys allowed upstairs, even if the doors were open and the sun was out. Now, I live with a boy and we're not even engaged! Boo-Ya!
  4. I can get gas wherever I want
    My parents had a Shell rewards card so I was only allowed to gas up at those stations. It was so freeing when I realized I could pull into any gas station!
    Suggested by @sam
  5. I am allowed to watch TV while I eat
    Family dinner time was pretty sacrosanct, no TV allowed. It probably contributed to my success as a human, but now I get to be mindlessly entertained while I eat, if I so please.
    Suggested by @sally