1. I am Jewish but no one thinks I am and I kinda get offended.
  2. My dad - 💯 Jewish
  3. My mom - 💯Jewish
  4. My mom's grandpa was the President of University Synagogue. Take that all you haters who don't think I'm part of the tribe!
  5. I went to Jewish Pre-School and then my parents decided we weren't really that Jewy.
  6. 4 of the 5 Port kids were Bar/Bat Mitzvahed.
  7. We all had casino themed parties. I was the Queen of Hearts and had probably the most embarrassing invitation EVER.
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    My mom put me in this outfit and scheduled this photoshoot 1 day after I had mouth surgery. Yes, that is a rhinestone belt you see. And don't even get me started about the cowboy hat.
  8. I had cornrows for my Bat Mitzvah service.
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    My mom always told me I looked pretty in braids.
  9. The year of my Bat Mitzvah and the year after my temple asked me to recite a prayer during Yom Kippur services. Thank you, Wilshire Blvd Temple, for believing in me.
  10. You can have blonde hair and a small nose and not be a Goldberg and still be Jewish.