My best friend's dad is on the board at Crossroads. Through him she got involved in the Alumni Association. So today she and I went on a tour to see all the new construction and changes on campus.
  1. Security is TIGHT
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    I had to speak to 3 security guards before I was assigned a parking spot in front of the middle school offices. My name was on a Visitors List and I was handed a Visitor Badge upon exiting my car. They said this started about 3 years ago to keep everyone safe as school shootings were happening more frequently. I then had to check in security before I left and hand in my badge.
  2. There is a doggy day care in the middle of campus.
    This I knew about and have seen but for some reason now it seems even weirder. Because it is weird. The daycare has replaced the English, History and Latin classrooms.
  3. All the security guards have changed.
    No more friendly faces. On the plus side there are lots of female security guards.
  4. There are lockers EVERYWHERE
  5. They got rid of Beth's Kitchen.
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    In its place is now a Bergamot Station and Fresh Catering. They also have fresh Bergamot sandwiches in the vending machines. Fresh provides all fresh and organic ingredients. On today's menu was "table side prepared Chinese chicken said, some Mexican options and steak.
  6. No more meal tickets.
    Gone are the days of meal tickets going through the washing machine in your PE Shorts pockets. All student spending money is loaded onto their student ID card.
  7. Tom Nolan is segwaying from Dean to Alumni Association Director.
  8. Sapho, the art room where you at one point in your middle school days made a mask of your face, is under crazy construction to become a new science center. With monarch butterflies and all.
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  9. The crosswalk has gotten much smaller.
    At first I thought it was just one of those things that as you get older things get smaller/shorter. But then I realized the crosswalk really did get smaller and it wasn't just my short 7th grade legs imagining this.
  10. Alley spots don't really exist anymore.
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    Due to the construction at the end of the alley, the student parking spaces have been taken over my construction offices. I remember how anxious and nervous I was when I submitted my application for an alley spot. You better believe I picked up 4 kids every morning to get that coveted spot. Now that I think about that, driving carpool at 16 was really responsible of me.
  11. The name of the school and the logo has been rebranded.
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    Crossroads now goes by X. All sweatshirts are branded with an X. Yeah, we would chant Go X-Roads at sporting events but I would never say "I go to X-Roads!" Kind of a weird change if you ask me.
  12. Crossroads Apparel
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    Sweatshirts and all other apparel is now called Spirit Wear. Seems aggressive to me.
  13. The old lady does not live in the middle of campus behind the security offices anymore.
  14. We own a lot more of those random small business offices surrounding the campus.
  15. There is more greenery and plants on campus.
  16. Fun fact: Crossroads gave $7.6 million in financial aid this past year.
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    (The pic is not really associated. But the kids are cute and my sister wanted to see what they look like so I sneakily took this.)
  17. Things that haven't changed: Carole Winters, Tom Laichas, Tom Nolan, Marissa Alimento, Lorraine Schwartz, the ceramics room, decorating your BFF's locker for her birthday, the weird fabric floor chairs in Life Skills, cadena, the middle school upstairs girls bathroom &the rock wall in the indoor gym
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