1. When there's no traffic on my way to or from work.
  2. Watching someone pick their nose on the freeway.
  3. Packages on my doorstep.
  4. My favorite song coming on the radio.
  5. A full tank of gas.
  6. Flowers from @benkorell
  7. Waking up after a night of drinking to see that I did wash my face the night before.
  8. Pretty sunsets.
  9. My mom being in a good mood.
  10. 4 day work weeks.
  11. A fully stocked refrigerator.
  12. A parking spot in front of the nail salon.
  13. Ina Garten cookbooks
  14. A clean car. I'm talking vacuumed floor mats and all.
  15. Being done with a workout.