Crossroads School for the Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica
  1. Having a parking spot in the alley.
  2. Calling your teachers by their first name.
  3. Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme donut sales at snack.
  4. Free periods.
  5. Being allowed to leave campus for lunch in high school.
  6. Being allowed to leave campus at anytime if you were in 11th or 12th grade.
  7. Alleyween
  8. You could take yoga for PE
  9. Life Skills class
  10. The senior trips to Ojai
  11. Open note tests. All the time.
  12. Extra credit -- bump that C+ to a B-
  13. Everyone had to do community service
  14. Grad night!
  15. So many 3-day weekends.
  16. The Sports Extravaganza
  17. Seniors: bring your dog to school day.
    I stayed home from school every year on this day.
  18. Bake sales at snack and lunch.
  19. Ceramics, hip hop dance, figure drawing and film were all classes you could take.
  20. We had the best yearbooks ever!!!
  21. Bagel, hash brown, and cheese sandwiches.
  22. Chrome Hearts
  23. Free City clothing
  24. The Alley Party
    So much free Chinese chicken salad from Chin Chin!
  25. Going home during rainy days
    The alley flooded and we were cold and tired. Uggs are not waterproof and sitting in @paigeyp s envoy with the heat on full blast only held us over for so long...
    Suggested by @aubrey