Uber Fresh started delivering to Downtown LA today! This now means that my daily lunchtime dilemma is taken care of.
  1. Two restaurants. Two choices.
    Thank you for not overwhelming me with choices but giving me just enough where it's an easy this-or-that decision.
  2. Great restaurants
    The restaurants they choose are actually places you would want lunch from... Today I had the turkey sandwich from Scarpetta, a restaurant I normally could not get food from downtown!
  3. Affordable!
    $12/person for lunch. Can't beat that. And my lunch today came with a cookie!
  4. FAST!
    My lunch arrived in 3 minutes.
  5. Pay with your AMEX and get double the points!
  6. $3 delivery fee
    Cheaper than most delivery fees downtown. I mean, if you are delivering me food in 3 minutes I will pay you $10 for a delivery fee.
  7. CON: you cannot make substitutions to your order.