1. I pick my cuticles right after I get a manicure.
  2. I turn all the lights on. Whenever. Wherever I have the control to do so.
  3. I sreamline to the big stall. Even if it is out of toilet seat covers or toilet paper, I will collect from another stall and go back to the big one.
  4. I rinse raw chicken before I cook it.
    I get a mixed reaction on this one. Some people think this is completely unnecessary. Some people agree with me.
  5. I am very particular about the chicken and turkey I eat.
    None of that slimy, pre fab grossness.
  6. I've never eaten kiwi.
  7. I can't ride a bike anymore.
  8. I have more than 10,000 photos on my iPhone.
  9. I hate being barefoot in my own home. No matter how clean my floors are.
  10. I started carrying a purse at the age of 24. Before that I used a pouch (aka a mini card holder/key chain).
  11. I have a secret board on @WhitPort's Pinterest account.
    I don't really want or need my own account and let's be real, everyone makes a secret board with the plan to one day share it with someone.
  12. I am always in search of the closest and most convenient parking spot.
    This kills @benkorell! To me, not all parking spots are equal.
  13. I become a hoarder at buffets.
  14. I have to read the menu in advance if I am going to a new restaurant.
  15. I hate animals.
    Fish are fine.
  16. I hated sleeping out growing up.
  17. I've never seen Titanic.
  18. I wasn't born yet, but at one point in time my mom's sister was married to my dad's brother.