1. Things get very quiet.
    No music. No clunky heels pounding the pavement. No talking, unless someone is on the phone.
  2. I regret going through all my emails so fast earlier in the day.
  3. I stare at my computer screen waiting for an email to come in.
  4. I browse the "gifting suite" in my office and apply a fresh coat of top coat nail polish.
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  5. I post a picture on Instagram.
  6. I make a list.
  7. I try and be creative and come up with cool ideas for Whitney Eve and/or other new projects.
  8. I contemplate laying on the couch in the lobby area.
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    Seems a bit unprofessional so I decide not to.
  9. Count down the minutes to my next meeting.
  10. Email buyers who have not responded to my last few emails and keep hounding them to place an order.
    It worked!! Just got a response WITH an order!