1. They like a lot of the same things as you.
  2. They know exactly what/who you want to talk 💩 about.
  3. They are always down to get a manicure, even if they got one 3 days prior.
  4. They always want to borrow clothes which makes me feel like I have a really good closet.
  5. They cry with you.
  6. They laugh with you.
  7. They pick up your birth control for you at the pharmacy when you are stuck at work and can't get to the pharmacy before it closes.
  8. You never owe each other money. (It's always even in the end!) @Lilysaltz @aubreysaget
  9. They tell you when you have food in your teeth.
  10. They like all your pics on Insta.
  11. You can not see each other for a while and no matter how long it's been it feels like no time has passed.