1. You spend your Saturday moving furniture.
  2. You pay attention to what day is trash day.
  3. You have a Costco card.
  4. You pay your own car insurance.
  5. You pay your own phone bill.
  6. You bring a hostess gift to a party.
  7. You ask for serving trays/bowls and KitchenAid appliances for your birthday.
  8. You know what kind of wine to order.
  9. You talk about gas prices.
  10. You hide from acquaintances when you see them in public.
  11. You make plans weeks in advance.
  12. You consider buying a coffee maker so you don't spend $4 a day on coffee.
  13. You now enjoy going to the furniture and antique stores your parents had to drag you through as a kid.
    Suggested by @mandi
  14. You now get in long conversations about how amazing your current health insurance plan is (working for The Man has its perks, but, like, am I really talking THIS MUCH about my medical plan?).
    Suggested by @mandi