5 Crazy Items You Can Use For Spring Cleaning

Spoiler alert: One of them is vodka!
  1. Lemons are a magical fruit! They can clean your microwave, stainless steel appliances AND they smell good!
  2. Soak away stains and kill odors around your house with vodka! Don't worry about your house smelling like a distillery, it has a neutral scent.
  3. It isn't just for brushing! Remove water stains, restore tarnished silver or clean your phone or tablet screens.
  4. Clean your cast iron skillet with salt and a soft sponge. Got ants? Fill a bottle with water and salt to stop them in their tiny tracks!
  5. Whip out your wax paper for some serious shine! Clean and shine your faucets or dust any surface; wax paper is super versatile.