6 Creative Words We Bet You Can't Use In One Sentence

We recently discovered six words related to art, beauty and creativity that we bet you've never heard of before. They are bound to get your creative juices flowing!
  1. Meraki
    This Greek word, which doesn't have an English counterpart, is often used when talking about cooking and design.
  2. Elysian
    In Classical Greek mythology, the Elysian Fields refer to a paradise of heroes immortalized by the gods.
  3. Palinoia
    This word isn't to be confused with paranoia.
  4. Chimerical
    In Greek Mythology, the Chimera was a fire-breathing monster made from parts of multiple animals.
  5. Eunoia
    Eunoia is the shortest English word that contains all five vowels.
  6. Selcouth
    Selcouth is an Old English word and can be found in Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe from 1814.