What to do with all of your paintings from your Paint Nite events! While you can certainly create a gallery wall to display your art, here are some even more creative ways to use those canvases.
  1. Introduce Some Characters
    Add some unexpected flair to your painting just by cutting out a photo and using some simple school glue! Who would've thought that a T-Rex would love the snow?
  2. Static
    Make your painting magical by adding the cast of LOTR!
  3. Just Add Keys
    We can't ever find our keys either, which is why this idea is so awesome. Simply grab some hooks and nail them into the wooden frame of your painting and voila! You'll hopefully never lose your keys again
  4. Be Wordy
    Grab some stick on foam or cork board and you're instantly able to leave notes for anyone in your household!
  5. Cut & Paste
    We normally don't advocate for cutting up your paintings, but in this case we think it's an awesome way to reuse your artwork. You can glue your canvas on just about anything.
  6. Light It Up
    Adding lights to starry nights paintings really elevates the piece. Poke holes wherever you want the stars to go and pull the bulbs from the fairy lights through.
  7. Fabric & Ribbon
    Have a holiday painting and want to display it in July? Simply cover it up with a fun fabric and use it to display photos and notes. Then when the holidays roll around, you can show off your painting again!
  8. Make it 3D
    Adding feathers, beads or rhinestones can really make your paintings pop. Look how cool this one turned out!