Whether you're single, in a relationship with a Valentine's grinch, or married and just want to spend time with your gal pals, here's our list for the perfect Galentine's Day.
  1. Brunch
    Brunch calories don't count and mimosas are bottomless. Plus, you can have heart shaped waffles.
  2. Decorate
    Sassy signage is a must
  3. Yum
    Craft your own cheese plate. Add sparkly hearts for added fun.
  4. Activities
    Paint Nite is unique, creative, and fun! It's the perfect way to get together with the ladies.
  5. Say cheese!
    No matter how you spend your Galentine's Day, make sure you take pictures! Set up a Polaroid photo booth at home with props, or snag some selfies at the bar.
  6. Have fun!