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I've been awake for about 45 minutes on my birthday and these are very important thoughts
  1. I used to think I'd be married by this age
  2. Def thought I'd be skinnier by now 😂
  3. People aren't kidding that you have a crisis
3 more...
  1. The Decemberists
  2. Sufjan Stevens
  3. Avett Brothers
4 more...
Either ironically love these things or am the epitome of the cliche itself
  1. "Windchill"
  2. Cozy fall aesthetics
    Coffee mugs, pine trees, cabins, the works
  3. #aesthetics
    In general
  4. Californians talking about The Drought
Inspired by @lenadunham
  1. Soup with lemon or lime juice in it
  2. When all your friends are drunk at a party and everyone loves everyone and no one is throwing up or crying yet
  3. When you're in bed in the rain, I know it's so cliche but like #aesthetics idc
2 more...
  1. This cutie
  2. This creep
  3. This sensual picture of my actual self
  4. And, funny enough, this cutie!