Halloween is a close 2nd to Xmas in terms of my favorite holidays. Ideas for Halloween costumes pop in my head throughout the year. Here are some ideas that maybe I'll use someday, or you can too.
  1. Siskel & Ebert
    Maybe not the sexiest couples costume ever, but there is a definitely sense of love that you could portray with your S.O.
  2. Lisa Frankenstein's Monster
    A very colorful and approachable monster reanimated from Lisa Frank binders and stickers.
  3. Mystery Internet Dog
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    There is just something about this pup
  4. Sally Jesse Raphael
    Any excuse to wear those red framed glasses
  5. Jan Crouch
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    I think I've wanted to dress up as her since I was a kid. I love her pink hair and heavy eyelashes. I'd definitely have to figure out how to apply false tears to my cheeks because she always seems to be weeping on TV.