After watching "Child's Play" in our Air bnb, the radio in the living room kept turning on by itself periodically. This hadn't happened at all earlier today and now we are FREAKED OUT!!! This list is in order from least likely to most likely.
  1. A universal remote from another condo turned it on.
    But probably not. No one else in this complex is awake!!
  2. Some sort of faulty wiring
    Doubtful though!!
  3. Someone sat on the stereo remote
    We looked everywhere and there IS NO REMOTE.
  4. Angel
    Wanted to send us a warning that it is sinful to watch scary movies. By turning on the radio and frightening us, the angel is giving us a light reminder that we open ourselves up to evil spirits when we view these kinds of images.
  5. Chuckie
    We just watched "Child's Play" so this would make sense. But it does seem like Chuckie dies in the is Child's Play 2 a thing then?!
  6. Wizard
    We used Harry Potter as a charade clue earlier tonight. Maybe the wizards are just sending us a little nod, not really intending to scare us. But we ARE scared !
  7. Demon
    No explanation needed, this makes SENSE.
  8. Alien
    The radio kept turning on and was set to a radio frequency with no station airing. The aliens may be trying to communicate though the airwaves to tell us that the rest of the Child's Play movies aren't worth watching. I want to believe.
  9. Ghost
    If it can't be explained by logic, it is most likely a ghost. We all know this.