1. They have nailed the cliffhanger
    Although I know it is ridiculous and unrealistic that every family in ABC dramas seems to have like 4 teen pregnancies, 3 affairs, and 2 secret identifies going on all at the same time at the end of each episode I am left with a cliffhanger that leaves me wanting to watch all 20 forty five minutes episodes in the typical ABC family season
  2. The shitty acting makes me feel better about myself somehow
    Watching those perfect barbie dolls completely destroy a dramatic line gives me a sense of superiority over super hot people I just can't get anywhere else.
  3. The interior designing for show's houses is so fucking pleasing
    My house is always a complete wreck so its nice to turn on the TV and see a drama where people who are supposedly "middle class" and have jobs like high school teacher, hair dresser, and cop live in these giant mansions that are amazingly furnished and decorated.
  4. The writing albeit cheesy has its moments
    I've shed my fair share of tears while watching ABC in my life and while many of those tears were shed because I'm a giant cheeseball and I will cry at anything I did loose a couple of those tears to genuinely touching moments of TV
  5. At certain points ABC family can get really political
    The go to example is ABC's the fosters which is about an interracial lesbian couple parenting 2 Mexican twins, a half Italian boy, and 2 new foster kids one straight out of juvie, and the other presumably gay. Recently in the show they had a small reference to the gender queer community by having a kid at a gay prom introduce themselves as gender queer and say their preferred pronouns were they them theirs.
  6. Actually they get super political
    In addition to the fosters ABC also has a program targeted towards the deaf community called Switched at Birth which for the first half of season three has been discussing the definition of rape and implying that it isn't entirely black and white. They have been grappling with the topic involving the terms of consent when it comes to intoxication and handling it pretty amazingly.
  7. After writing this list I've come to the conclusion ABC family is actually amazing and I will watch it until I die