November is almost here, will you be writing?
  1. Figure out your genre!
    Which genre are you going to write in? Sci-if? Fantasy? Romance? Choose the one that appeals most to your heart. Only by doing that you'll be able to stick to it through the month.
  2. Write an outline
    That's technically not writing the novel because whatever you write is going to go through a lot of changes. But having a rough outline helps a lot.
  3. Choose your characters
    Mainly, the protagonist, the antagonist the side players, the comic relief, the help, the hand of God player, anything and everything you can think of.
  4. Know your characters
    Write little back stories of your characters. These won't be a part of your nanowrimo project but this will definitely help you in writing along with those characters. Write their resumes, or say, their profiles. Figure out your characters. Know them inside out
  5. Choose a time to write
    When are you going to write in November? Early morning or late night or on your commute or through the day? Choose a time and stick to it. Give that time a practice run for some days. Is it feasible to wake up early morning or write on subway? Why not do your character profile as a trial run in that time?
  6. Choose your writing medium
    Are you going to write longhand? On your laptop? A computer or on your tablet? Get to know your medium once again. Practice some. Many times we're out of habit of writing in such places, so jog those writing muscles a bit.
  7. Choose your backup strategy
    Can't stress this enough. For a writer, there is no pain greater than words lost. So if you're writing on paper, maybe try clicking picture of each page when done. You can set your documents to automatically back up in Dropbox. Or make a habit of emailing the document to yourself once done.
  8. Get rid of any pending distractions
    Got chores you've been avoiding for long? Kitchen work needs a looking into? Or the yard needs mowing or you're due your dental checkup? Get those things out of the way. November is your month to write. You're serious about this. You're gonna get this done!
  9. Lastly, login to nanowrimo website
    You'll do this around last day of October. So remember to log in, give your project a title and browse the forums a bit to get the feel of the website. You can update your word count through the month or do it on 30 November before 11:59 pm. Either way works!
  10. And good luck and happy writing!