Twitter as a website and service has reached peak usage. Time to leave. But Why? This list will tell you why
  1. Twitter has too many people
    Twitter is pretty open. Unless your profile is locked anyone can see your tweets they just need an account to interact with what you're saying. This is absolutely not done from a privacy point of view.
  2. Twitter lacks proper account security measures.
    It's damn easy for any hacker to brute force a password. And then change your username and email id. And what information does twitter require to change the account's email id? Your password which was *already* compromised! Ugh! The method to get your account back is to keep bugging the support team and if you're lucky they might notice your request among millions of others that they get. Good luck!
  3. Twitter has been lazy in dealing with abuse and trolling problems of users
    People on twitter are vicious when they're hiding behind masks and anonymous handles. And how strict are the abuse policies? Not much. Anyone can make a new account and start their trolling and abusing shenanigans in less than a minute after their account gets suspended. In past, twitter has simply been unable to deal with this problem.
  4. Twitter is unfriendly towards 3rd party developers
    The focus of twitter is to get users on its official app so that they can be served advertisements. So, third party app developers get shafted royally. Their apps will never have the latest features that official app has because in many cases twitter just doesn't release the api! So if you end up paying $ for an app like tweetbot you're only going to get a half-baked experience even though developers of tweetbot work hard on their app. Similar for countless other android, iOS and WP apps.
  5. The bot problem
    Twitter has a bot problem that no one really wants to talk about. Why? Because majority of them are porn bots. The amount of pornography available on twitter is massive. And even if a child makes an account on twitter there is no guarantee that he/she won't be exposed to said pornography. What is twitter's stand on this?
  6. The official app
    Frankly the official app sucks. There are huge banner ads and no way to opt out. It's slow, it's buggy, and it keeps getting useless updates that are just "bug fixes". There is no night mode on the official app and using it in bed after lugs out is like blinding yourself. Also, lacks so many features. That can be a list in its own.
  7. Timeline Management
    Twitter added mute user function but forgot to add mute phrase function. Many times you don't have a problem with a user but problem with a phrase, say you want to avoid spoilers for a movie or a tv show, how do you do that? Only via third party apps, which don't offer full feature set of official app. For example, users still can't DM images in third party apps.
  8. Twitter community has become obnoxious
    You might find friendly people on twitter but you'll surely find vitriolic and hateful people who will pick a fight with you just because you don't agree with their opinions.
  9. Lack of vision
    Twitter has played CEO roulette for quite some time now. What twitter needs is a leader, a CEO who'd stick by the platform and take it through thick and thin. What's the five year plan for twitter, no one knows. And this is why the stock price for twitter is going down down down.
  10. You can make better use of your time
    In the time it takes to write a tweet and then handle replies and arguments that might arise from it, you can make a list or write a blogpost that'll be there much longer than a tweet and in better formatting too.
  11. The limit of 3200 tweets
    You can only go back till 3200 tweets for any user though you can request an archive of your tweets. This is kinda pointless because anyone can search for tweets that were done before the 3200. So why stop at 3200? This is not only confusing but it also leads to abuse because people dig up old tweets to slander and badmouth others.
  12. Twitter has become mostly noise
    Even if you keep your timeline tightly controlled by following a small amount of people, twitter is still more noise than signal. Anyone can mention you and abuse you. You can block but they can make a new account. It's an endless cycle.