I love newsletters, these are my top six picks for creatives, writers, awesome people
  1. Altucher Confidential
    James altucher is awesome and his life stories have so many nuggets of wisdom and ideas.
  2. Brain Pickings
    Weekly newsletter my Maria Popova and it has everything you need for a creative and fulfilled life. Lot of anecdotes, graphics, wisdom from philosophers and thinkers.
  3. Next Draft
    Dave Pell does an amazing job of organising all the news with his views and presents it in a killer package. Very readable and funny and insightful.
  4. Listserve
    If you like getting letters from random unknown people from all over the world and all walks of life, this one is for you. And who knows, one day even you might get to send a letter to all those people.
  5. A Word A Day
    Hands down the best way to build your vocabulary.
  6. Monthly book recommendations by Ryan Holiday
    This one arrives once a month and it's a great, in-depth look into what Ryan is reading. Why you should care is because that guy has done so much at a young age that most of us might not accomplish in our whole life.
  7. That's my list! There are many other newsletters and I might do another list on them soon!