1. Ghostbusters
    1984 Portland, Oregon - oh my god did I love this movie. Still love this movie. Isn't Bill Murray the freaking best? And Annie Potts? This movie is perfection.
  2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    1986 Gresham, Oregon with my friends Tera & Michelle. A movie theater employee had to come tell us to shut up during the movie because we were obnoxious teenage girls.
  3. Footloose
    1984 Portland, Oregon with a high school friend named Jenne Click that I never saw after my junior year. Also, loved the soundtrack, HATED the casting of Lori Singer as the lead female. Yuck.
  4. Back to the Future
    1985 Portland, Oregon
  5. E.T.
    1982 Portland, Oregon with my family. I cried. A lot.
  6. Top Gun
    1986 Portland, Oregon and completely flipped out over the soundtrack.
  7. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    1981 Kelso, Washington with my family. Loved it! LOVE!
  8. Return of the Jedi
    1983 Portland, Oregon
  9. Pee-wee's Big Adventure
    1985 Portland, Oregon. Opening weekend. The place was PACKED!
  10. The Abyss
    1989 Portland, Oregon
  11. Cocoon
  12. A Christmas Story
    Portland, Oregon - Mall 205 Theater with my friend Jenne Click.
  13. The Lost Boys
    Portland, Oregon with my friends Michelle & Tera.
  14. Children of a Lesser God
    Portland, Oregon on a FIRST DATE!! Who sees this movie on a first date?!? Unfortunately me. Ugh. Bad date. Bad.
  15. Dirty Dancing
    Ugh. Saw this while on a date in Portland. Yuck to the movie and the date.
  16. Dead Poets Society
    Holy hell. I cry every freaking time. Now twice as hard because of Robin. Ugh.
  17. Purple Rain
    1984 Portland, Oregon. I was not old enough to see an rated R movie, but somehow my friend Jenne and I got into a downtown movie theater on Broadway, sat in the balcony and watched this freaking awesome movie. LOVED IT!! Still do.
  18. Edward Scissorhands
    Portland, Oregon. Wait, was this an '80s movie? If not, no biggie. Yet again, saw it on a first date. Liked the movie - the guy? not so much.