1. 1) Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  2. it's perfect combination of sugar cinnamon and crunch also the cinnamon leaves the milk delicious
  3. 2) Frosted Flakes
    classic they're great with slices banana or strawberry or just plain
  4. 3) Fruity Peebles
    I love how they take on the milk and get soft
  5. 4) Crakin Oat Bran
  6. delicious squares that taste of oatmeal cookies.
  7. 5) Lucky Charms
  8. the marshmallows
  9. 6) Captain Crunch
  10. i would rank this higher because I love it but it hurts my mouth.
  11. 7) Life and Life Cinnamon
  12. both equally good. it's a tie
  13. 8) Frosted mini wheats
  14. I just wish they had the original longer ones that came in red box instead of smaller size in the orange box
  15. 9) Trix
  16. kids love em
  17. 19) Raisin Bran
  18. the Kellogg version comes with most added sugar