Inspired by @kaitlynvella. But, really only half the year. I got a new phone in June and never backed up my old phone because I'm a monster. Or because my laptop was too old to get the new iTunes.
  1. June
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    Three generations (💕). Photo taken outside of Stroud's Chicken aka best pan fried chicken in KC.
  2. July
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    One direction concert at Arrowhead Stadium (KCMO) and my beer. We were v. far away, but felt super connected to Harry that night.
  3. August
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    Incubus concert with my best @ Starlight Theater in, yes duh, KCMO. Putting in here to show my wide array of music interests. It's not Harry all day every day, just the majority of the days.
  4. September
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    Was super excited my name was on a Coke. Shout out to all you Pam's out there!
  5. October
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    Met my mom's new dog, Louie.❤️🐶
  6. November
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    My cat took a nap.
  7. December
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    Shameless brag: I defended my M.A. Thesis in art history this month and celebrated by drinking lots of Bud Light this particular night.🍻