1. On the chicken enthusiast: did ABC really have to take the time to frame a picture of Ben and put it next to her framed chicken pics? I at first thought the chicken pics must be planted, as well. But, she IS a chicken enthusiast so fine they might be real.
  2. The woman who admitted to stalking Ben is all of us. Plus, it's not stalking if the person has thousands of Instagram followers.
  3. Red Velvet forever.
  4. Lace was wearing a lace dress. I get it, but don't like it.
  5. I get why Becca is here. She made it far into the Farmer's season. But, Amber? She has always been solidly in the middle pack, both in the Farmer's season and in Bachelor in Paradise.
  6. Samantha the lawyer seems like a nice girl. She isn't ready for this.
  7. I like Olivia because she has realistic hair.
  8. There will be a panic attack later in the season, as per usual.
  9. Here to see Lauren B. dominate the game and to see Becca become the next bachelorette.