1. Firstly, that's just cruel. 3 isn't even a real number. 658 sounds like something more appropriate if I'm gonna be STUCK anywhere.
  2. Secondly, my thought process immediately goes to evaluating the series - do I go with quality? Or simply number of episodes to last me throughout my time there? Emmys won a factor? LOLs per minute?
  3. Genre? 1 drama, 1 sitcom, 1 reality?
  4. Too many questions. Too many shows. Once again, 3 isn't even a number.
  5. 1) FRIENDS
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    Gonna be my first answer. Good balance of quality (Emmys nominated and won) vs number of episodes (10 seasons!) vs rewatchability ( I still LOL at scenes I've watched a million times) vs drama x comedy quotient.
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    Cos #cleareyesfullheartscantlose . And it's not just about football. It's a show with heart. A lot of it.
  7. 3) SURVIVOR
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    There are 31 seasons to date. So many social dynamics, so many hot bods, oh plus, great to have some reference for those outdoor survival skills! Might need some fire-making tutorials on hand.