It boggles my mind how everyone on this is just naturally hilarious. So here are more folks who will be a perfect fit! Holler if any of them are already on it - will keep adding on to this as I go along!
  1. Andy Samberg
    I pretty much guffaw at anything he says - plus, pretty easy on the eyes too.
  2. Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence
    Who cares about Tay Tay and her squad when these two are the real deal?
  3. Aziz Ansari
    I can't even. This dude is super brilliant, hilarious to a fault and damn can he write.
  4. Brad Pitt
    Just cos he doesn't have any social media accounts ('cept for Weibo that he doesn't use). How awesome will it be if this was his first? Plus you know he's definitely got a sense of humour with those Clooney pranks. Dream on? Ok noted with thanks.
  5. Chris Pratt
    He's a raptor trapper - what more reason do you need?
  6. Constance Wu
    Need her to teach me some money-saving tips ala Fresh Off The Boat.
  7. Dax Shepard
    He, the only one who can rival my love for the Pitt-man. Don't believe me, check YouTube for his interviews with Ellen. #respect
  8. Mae Whitman
    I feel like we are soul sisters - our love for Tim Riggins, obsession with Friday Night Lights and knowing that Lauren Graham might be the best TV mum ever.
  9. Olivia Munn
    Interviewed her once, now we're BFFs but she doesn't know it yet. Smart, funny and anyone who can read them Sorkin lines with ease, has my vote.
  10. Emma Stone
    We all love her and her goofiness don't we?
  11. Jeff Probst
    I'm obsessed with Survivor, and so should you. It's friggin human nature at its best (or worst). And this man has all the inside goss.