They made one of my fave movies of all time a LIVE show, so here are my random thoughts after watching the whole shebang. What did you think of the show?
  1. Kinda felt like Jessie J struggling and a little out of breath from walking through the massive set during the opening number. And did anyone think she was Pink for a moment?
  2. Julianne Hough could very well be Olivia Newton John's daughter.
  3. I love Aaron Tveit and I so badly wanted Trip Van Der Bilt to do well, but he definitely does not have John Travolta's swagger and charisma, and was no Danny Zuko. His pipes (& guns) were pretty solid though.
  4. Did these two even do a chemistry test together? Bland bland bland. Stick to just dancing maybe?
  5. Love love love Didi Conn - OG Frenchy. Doesn't she have the sweetest, kindest face?
  6. And I mean, sweetest, kindest face.
  7. RIZZO, RIZZO, RIZZO. Rizzo in the OG movie version, stole every scene she was in. And I must say that VHud did an amazing job to live up to Stockard Channing's very big shoes!
  8. Hmmm this Kenickie was kinda boresss.
  9. Weird that Carly Rae Jepsen was struggling to stay in tune for a song that was written for her? Bad song choice. She was adorbs for most of the show tho.
  10. Boyz II Men .... Hmmm could use more practice? They sounded very unsure during the first part of the song.
  11. Ok the Born to Hand Jive dance scene made me wanna start jiving in my living room.
  12. This ChaCha was neither threatening nor foxy.
  13. Jordan Fisher gave Those Magic Changes a hipster Bruno Mars touch. Interesting.
  14. Most underrated bit? Aaron Tveit and Jordan Fisher's harmony at the end of Those Magic Changes.
  15. VHud's emotional rendition of There Are Worse Things I Could Do - probably the best song in the entire production
  16. I'm probably the only person who didn't like Keke Palmer's Marty. Kether Donahue on the other hand, was a hoot.
  17. Pink Ladies > Tbirds. The Tbirds this time felt like a bunch of misfits in leather jackets who came right off the set of Glee. No swag, no bad boy charm, no attitude. Meh.
  18. All the dances were extremely on point. Dancing > singing.
  19. Loved the high energy and for staying true to the carnival at the end of the show. Plus the look of relief on their faces was pretty obvious.
  20. The best part of the whole thing? The sets. Amazing feat for a live TV event. Kudos.