1. Oh hey 👋🏻 Laura Benanti!
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  2. Never knew Supergirl was Superman's cousin.
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  3. Dean Cain! Plus OG Supergirl Helen Slater!
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  4. Supergirl - Melissa Benoist - sounds oddly like Blake Lively. Hell, she even looks like her!
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  5. This is Ally Mcbeal's comeback show (🙏🏻 be good)
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  6. Supergirl has hoi polloi online dating woes just like the rest of us.
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  7. Hmmm Mehcad Brooks is pretty charming.
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  8. Loved this Project Runway moment - integral to every superhero debut.
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  9. Criteria for anyone who wants to be part of the "Super"family = ability to look good in black rimmed glasses.
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  10. Now now people, have we learnt absolutely nothing about putting Chyler Leigh on planes?!?!
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  11. Chyler Leigh is now the serious Meredith Grey-like older sister with an impulsive Lexie Grey on her hands.
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  12. The baddies look kinda lame. Coneheads!
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  13. Family woes apply to Superheroes too. Living in Superman's shadow must be pretty sucky.
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  14. Chyler, seriously, sibling jealousy much? Guess you're still Lexie after all.
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  15. Dialogue is getting cliched and lame.
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  16. Oooooh evil Laura Benanti - nice touch.
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  17. Review: Seriously lame dialogue needs to be improved for the show to even take off (hur hur). Melissa Benoist is likable enough for it to stick, so better plot lines and build on the 2-dimensional characters please.
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