I'm such a TV addict, it's bad. And this is just everything that's airing now - not including off season ones like GoT, unReal etc.
  1. Blackish
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    I must say, the kids maketh the show. But Anthony Anderson is side-splittingly hilarious too.
  2. Blood & Oil
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    Giving it a go. Chace Crawford in a soapy Nashville-like show, why not??
  3. Brooklyn Nine Nine
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    Big fan of Andy Samberg since "Cool guys don't look at Explosions". He can do no wrong. Plus Andre Braugher and Chelsea Peretti are so growing on me.
  4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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    Stupid West Covina song is stuck in my head since the pilot. Will continue to see how this supposed trainwreck turns out.
  5. Empire
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    Terrence Howard. Possibly a huge ass in real life but there's something so alluring about his character. And Taraji as Cookie is da bomb. Jussie Smollett could be my no.1 TV crush of the moment.
  6. Fresh Off The Boat
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    The kid that plays Eddie has so much swag, plus Constance Wu teaches us all how to be a penny-pincher. Perfect.
  7. Grey's Anatomy
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    Waiting to see how Meredith copes post-McDreamy and post-Yang. Only saving grace left is Karev. Been watching since S1, hoping that this is not my last season.
  8. Orange is The New Black
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    Poussey x Taystee - #squadgoals
  9. Scandal
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    Fitz x Liv x Jake = grownup political love triangle version of the Felicity trio. Can't stop watching.
  10. Suits
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    Harvey Harvey Harvey - the swag of Don Draper, the heart of Coach Taylor, the charm of McDreamy.
  11. Survivor
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    Only die-hards will know why every season is vastly different - the social dynamics, the personalities, the strategies. It's so gripping cos it's human nature at its core.
  12. The Affair
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    Season 1 was good. Acting is top notch, but pace has to pick up just a tad or it will start losing viewers. But love the new POVs.
  13. The Big Bang Theory
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    Sheldon x Amy + Raj x Wolowitz. These pairs are still cracking me up weekly.
  14. The Mindy Project
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    Thank you HULU. @mindy is so much like my real life BFF - we can't miss a single ep. Plus, her pop culture references are so so so on point.