With my bare feet...😩
  1. A slimy slug.
    Poor guy. Never walk outside barefoot.
  2. A Camel Cricket
    These little freaks live in the basement and make a horrible popping noise and are crunchy when you step on one.
  3. Frogs
    Yeah Frogs are everywhere in my yard. One found my foot a few days ago. Scared me to death. I have to be more careful.
  4. Gum
    That's nasty. Don't spit gum on the ground.
  5. Vomit
    I am a mom, I have been peed on, pooped on and have stepped in various bodily fluids 😖😖😖 including vomit. And that is the absolute worst. There is a certain point where you actually become good at "hazmat situations".