Things I will never do for love.💔 Actually not for any reason. I just like the name of this list so I am going with it.
  1. Go skydiving. Or cliff diving or anything that requires jumping off of or out of something high up. I am terribly afraid of heights and I am also afraid of flying too. The combination would be too much. I do not love you enough.
  2. Go scuba diving. I don't even like swimming in the ocean or the lake. I do not want to wear special "equipment" to allow me to breathe while swimming in a large body of water, where I might be on the lunch menu for any number of animals. I am a wade in the water kind of lady.
  3. Most all diving that isn't done at a pool is out.
  4. Oh and I don't ever want to go back into a cave again because...bats! Yuck.
  5. Most drugs. Most. I occasionally need a Xanax for panic attacks, weird social situations and when I think about planes or skydiving.
  6. There isn't really a whole lot of things I won't do for love.
  7. Being a mom kind of squashed a lot of my fears and I have more people to love in my life. Plus childbirth is the most scariest thing ever and I have three kids.
  8. But I am still afraid of heights and definitely not going to ever go hang gliding or para sailing. Just gonna stay down here on the ground.