Is this still a thing? I saw a bunch of these last week. Since I am new...guess I will go ahead with this one.
  1. My name is Pamela. Some people call me Pammy. I think that is cute..."Pammy".😝
  2. I've been a SAHM for about 11 years.l
    I used to work in HR for a furniture company but one of my kids was born at 26 weeks and I left my job to take care of him full time. He is ok. That is a story I will share another time.
  3. I live in North Carolina
    I do not want to talk about HB2. What a mess.
  4. I've been married for 11 years to my husband Adam Shawn.
    Look at that glorious beard. We have four children. Two we made together and two from "outer space". LOL
  5. I love being a mom but I am looking forward to doing more work outside the home in the future.
    I'd love to be a personal assistant or personal shopper. This picture has nothing to do with shopping. Just me and Max, my oldest.
  6. I am INFP
  7. We have one dog.
    She is a Golden Retriever named Fergie. She is super afraid of thunderstorms. I have never seen a dog freak out like that. She tries to hide in the couch cushions and obviously she is too big for that.
  8. My favorites...
    Color - red. Music Group - Queen. Food - Thai and Sushi. Place to vacation -the beach.
  9. My kids
    Two boys and a girl and then a step-daughter too. They are my purpose and the reason I do laundry....endless, endless laundry...