I'm not that picky but...here is a list about things I won't eat.
  1. Peas
    Since childhood I have hated peas. My mother always served the LeSuer brand English Peas that come in a can. Even the smell makes me gag.
  2. Aspic
    Have you ever seen those vintage recipe books that have everything gelatinous? Yeah...pretty sure it is as nasty as it looks. This one has peas in it and a hard boiled egg. Barf!
  3. Liver Pudding
    Why do people eat liver anything?
  4. Brains
    Ok, let's just put any organ meat in this section and be done. Tongue, stomach parts and all that.
  5. Crickets
    People are eating these for snacks. NOPE
  6. Canned Salmon
    I'm not down with those little bones. For some reason that alone makes my stomach turn.