Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. I'm trying to eat less sugar. These are terms apparently synonymous with sweet, luscious poison.
    I took a screenshot from a crunchy health lady on FB so I can remember what to avoid for when I shop because diabetes sucks and rots you from the inside out. I'll likely forget about this list as it gets buried in my photo album among 1700 photos of my sweet baby nephews and antiquated Grumpy Cat memes that I might need for the right occasion. Whatever. Sugar's awesome.
  2. I save weird discussions I have with my cousin.
    I don't know why.
  3. My former Russian professor encouraging me to pursue better for myself
    Because, apparently, Paperwork Slayer and Professional Candy Mule for a Dialysis Unit isn't considered "fulfilling one's dream."
  4. More weird discussions with the cousin
    Because studying feminist theology IS better than a brain bleed.
  5. Last weird discussion with cousin
    She hates life and wants to start a commune. I told her I hate the beige place I'm at in my life, but my therapist doesn't think I should pursue what I love professionally. Cousin makes her point well and I love her for it.