Inspired by @blisssara
  1. Driving near the airport and the rush of having a jumbo jet come in for a landing a few feet above my head.
  2. Being in that floaty place halfway between sleep and awake, and my heavy breathing sounds like it's coming from somebody else.
  3. Getting the first glimpse of the Chicago skyline on our annual trips. It feels like home and something new at the same time.
  4. Lounging on freshly changed cedar scented sheets and blankets.
  5. Getting a head-butt from my cat.
  6. When patient comes back to our dialysis unit JUST to show off their new, healthy body following transplant and we are elated af.
  7. That tiny feeling I get standing near something immense. I.e. An endless body of water, a cornfield stretching out into oblivion, a big ass farm animal, etc.
  8. When my stews emerge from the oven with the perfect viscosity, browning and fragrance.
  9. Laughing so hard that others laugh at you laughing and everything turns into a big giggle party.
  10. That time I found fledgling great horned owls in the woods and I squealed like a happy harpy as they slow blinked their way into my soul.