I feel things... hard. I'm very concerned about the state of the world, as many of us are. With that being said, social media is undoubtedly, for ME, the worst outlet for debate, discourse and heated discussion. Let me count the ways.
  1. I cannot see your face. I cannot hear the tone of your voice. I see words and occasional emojis, and my anxiety brain tends to fill in the gaps. I.e....
    Me: "I like grapefruits". Other Person: "I don't" Me: "Why not?" Other Person: "because they taste like satan's tears. Why on earth do you like them?" WHAT I HEAR: "I JUDGE YOUR TASTE IN CITRUS YOU FUCKING WHOREHOUND HAHAHAHHA." Me: /turns into Tiger Boobs and goes into the offensive realm. Swears are uttered, names are called. It's not good.
  2. The times I like to get the most "confrontational" with issues are... you guessed it... during the blood moon phase of my goddess cycle.
    My soul heavily fortified with an armor of snark and condescension, and bearing my throbbing uterus in one fist and the still beating heart of mine enemy in the other, I'm practically starving for a fight. Oh look, a meme easily debunked by Snopes! ARGUE SMITE!!! Come 5-7 days, the Red Beast hibernates and I'm gingerly picking the pieces of hurt feelings from the digital battlefield and crying over my sins. Mea Culpa.
  3. Flinging memes at each other and debunking fallacies with fact-checking does not a productive chat make. In fact, conflict of that nature feels more like a blood sport and a desire to save face. The issue is no longer important... the desire to win is the priority. But what prize?
  4. Real life human interaction involving thoughtful reasoning paves the way to a communicative and lively debate. Rabid thumbs plunking my screen at 1737483 words a minute on my iDevice, while taking a shit or waiting in line at Target is to actual conversation as Hardee's is to nutrition and well being. Fun and greasy? Yes, but doesn't end well.
  5. I need for social media to be a lively, sharing activity full of LOLs and LMAOs. Real life sucks.., social media should be a fantasy place where I can escape. However, when I get heart palpitations over whether or not my latest retort in a recent digital feud will be met with folly or fury, it's no longer fun.
  6. I'm SO MUCH CALMER actually TALKING to you about this stuff, you guys. For realsies! At the very least, private messages back and forth. But this gladiator-style sparring brings out the worst in me. Are you not entertained?
  7. Dedicated to my friend, Jason.