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  1. I changed my username from fernpal
  2. I'm trying to be cool
  3. But miserably failing
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  1. A beautiful barn cat from an adorable farm
  2. Another barn cat from that farm
  3. First barn cat rubbing against my legs
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  1. The shark tracker app
  2. Smelling nice soaps in stores
  3. Meeting fluffy puppies on the street
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  1. Sunset on the way to my least favorite dining hall
  2. Fall in Vermont makes my heart flutter
  3. A lucky coincidence I ended up sitting by the water for the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen
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  1. Keaton Henson's Birthdays on vinyl
  2. A blanket made of 100% alpaca wool hand knit by my lovely mother
  3. Mittens made out of recycled wool
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  1. My best friend Michelle: She treats me like her little sister and makes sure I get all my homework done and go to bed early enough
  2. Jason: introduced me to weed and helped me calm down from panic attacks on multiple occasions. Warned me about a boy who would break my heart
  3. Katya: the most understanding professor I've ever had in terms of students with mental illnesses. Unbelievably supportive and cultivated my love for Russian
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