1. My best friend Michelle: She treats me like her little sister and makes sure I get all my homework done and go to bed early enough
  2. Jason: introduced me to weed and helped me calm down from panic attacks on multiple occasions. Warned me about a boy who would break my heart
  3. Katya: the most understanding professor I've ever had in terms of students with mental illnesses. Unbelievably supportive and cultivated my love for Russian
  4. Evelina: taught me a lot about Chinese culture and came home with me for thanksgiving. A second sister who taught me traditional Chinese meals. Invited me to China and I can't wait to take her up on it
  5. Caшa: cute boy in my Russian class who has the most honest conversations with me. A twin peaks, existential talks, and cuddle sort of friend
  6. Ayla: my suitemate who reminds me of my mother. One of the sweetest humans I've ever met. Has adorable rosy cheeks and is always knitting. Helped me through my crises and given me chocolates and warm hugs
  7. Claire: one of the most passionate people I've ever met. The best for environmental and social justice conversations. Has deep brown eyes I get lost in and curly messy hair. Almost made me cry when she told me she doesn't like girls
  8. Madeleine: first person I've met who loves the environment as much as I do. Will probably end up owning a farm with me. Adorable gal with a husky voice and kind soul