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    The Crown
    Simply put, stunning. John Lithgow's Winston Churchill 👏IS 👏THE 👏REA👏SON 👏I 👏ACT. I also wept in the second episode when George VI passes. I am excitedly awaiting the next season.
  2. 2.
    Another fantastic doctor roll for everyone's favorite British American. But oh what a different kind of doctor he plays...
  3. 3.
    Doctor Who
    "Loving" is too strong at this point, but I am becoming indoctrinated to the fandom. Cannot wait for the Matt Smith seasons (FYI he's in the Crown!).
A Royal Warrant, granted by Her Royal Majesty or Prince Philip or Prince Charles—or all three—denote a tradesperson or company as providing goods to the Royal Family.
  1. Brooks Brothers Tailors
    The United States' oldest clothier. I'd be sure the rare 36L would become a more accessible size.
  2. Lily Daché
    Wonderful ties and pocket squares.
  3. Allen-Edmonds Shoemakers
    Est. 1922, one of the oldest and classiest.
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Inspired by @ziggy & @dax
  1. Animation of Cruella de Vil
    (Forward slash Marc Davis) —this basically happened.
  2. Julie Andrews, The Tragedy of the Voice that Enchanted the World
    God Save the Dame —this basically happened too, but more tears than words.
  3. Molière—and how he is NO WHERE CLOSE to comparable to Bill.
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(Inspired by a lot of you fine listers...from a long time ago.)
  1. Caleb Kneip!
    Makeup courtesy of my girlfriend, inspired by Hedwig & the Angry Inch. Yes. I am fun.
  2. I'm 22 years old...
    But I'm really like 390 or so. I fluctuate but the saying remains: I'm an old fart stuck in a young mans body.
  3. I'm an actor.
    I do lots of Shakespeare and other stage plays. I started my senior year of high school in Macbeth. I'm now in my final year at UC San Diego about to get a bachelors in theatre. This is me as Sir Toby from 12th Night.
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  1. Bill Clinton
  2. ...and probably (as in, several cases currently pending), A LOT more than Trump.
  3. ***
  4. So let's not lynch Trump as the only one with effed up bed side manners involved in this election.
  1. A new playscript
    Arden Shakespeare's are good backups... But if you saw a live theatre show and it affected you, I want to read the play. Even if it was a musical. Get me the libretto then. It's all scrumptious.
  2. A Tom Hanks movie
    He's currently sitting in the throne of my acting idol list. I want every movie this man has been in.
  3. A bag of coffee/tea
    Your favorite roaster & blend (or plantation & leaf)—I wanna try it!
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Cause this cartoon is silly, imaginative, and fun. It makes me laugh and smile, which is what a cartoon should do.
  1. 9.
    Princess Bubblegum
    Maybe it's just me, but this girl puts the kingdom in jeopardy waaaay too much for he beloved science. C'mon Finn. You're above this nonsense.
  2. 8.
    Marceline's Dad
    Soul stealer of evil evil evil evil who also steals FRIES. But when he's arguing with Ice King's penguin I cracked up at the "FINE KEEP YOUR CRUMBY SOUL" line so he gets a mention.
  3. 7.
    Ice King
    I'd probably be an evil ice wizard if my beard could fly. He's not all that bad in reality...
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I love working for Roberts Surfboards. These are some of my boss's (Robert Weiner's) signature phrases...
  1. Fricken
    "You're fricken on this wave getting fricken barreled and its fricken going raaaahhhhh and you're fricken ready to peel out then you do a fricken backside off the lip and dump fricken bucketssss. *claps hands and runs them together* Yeaaaaaah!"
  2. South Swell-O-Phone
    (A surfing expression about South Swell... Meaning the surf is gonna be reeeeeal good.) *ring ring* "South Swell-O-Phone!!"
  3. Magical Surfing Boards
    *ring ring* "Hello this is Robert at Roberts Magical Surfing Boards..."
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  1. So lemme tell ya a little story bout the time I took @dax to her Junior year Prom on April 30th
  2. It was being held at a fancy venue Downtown
  3. She had bought the tickets early early, when they were on sale for confident prom-goers
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  1. Sprinkle Awakening
    A week ago, James (in the next photo) saved my half asleep morning by providing a donut to enjoy during 20th Century Drama lecture.
  2. Other Men
    Yesterday was the closing matinee of "Other People," a one act by Lily Padilla put on at UCSD. This is in the dressing room. We are the "Other Men." (CW from left: Andrew, Will, me, James, & Hunter!) Excuse the nip slippage.
  3. Actually, the original caption on this snap was "Third Wheeling Hard"
    Thanks Paloma (ft. me & Dax at sushi.)
  4. Oh When The Rum, Comes Maraschino In
    Enjoyed last night whilst watching Food Network Star... Bye bye Butcher Babe Loreal 😢