A Royal Warrant, granted by Her Royal Majesty or Prince Philip or Prince Charles—or all three—denote a tradesperson or company as providing goods to the Royal Family.
  1. Brooks Brothers Tailors
    The United States' oldest clothier. I'd be sure the rare 36L would become a more accessible size.
  2. Lily Daché
    Wonderful ties and pocket squares.
  3. Allen-Edmonds Shoemakers
    Est. 1922, one of the oldest and classiest.
  4. Polo
    For fragrances.
  5. CF Martin & Co.
    For their exquisite guitars.
  6. Santa Cruz Guitars
    Another splendid guitar crafter.
  7. Roberts Surfboards
    Perhaps I'm biased, but shall we say these are "luxury" surfboards.
  8. Jack Purcell Converse
    Set apart from their classic forefathers by their cork insoles and toe-striping.
  9. Tommy Bahama
    For fitted, tropical shirts and watches.
  10. Levi's
    Blue jeans are preferable when they last and fit.
  11. La Storia Winery
    Who doesn't enjoy a lovely Cab?
  12. Mount Gay Distillery
    Always have and always will be the Oldest rum distillery, located in Barbados.
  13. Samuel Adams Brewery
    The lager that tastes sublime with anything.
  14. Wilson Combat Armaments
    Gorgeous renditions of John Moses Browning's classic, time-dividing pistol.
  15. Bianci Leatherworks
    Fine holsters, belts, and pouches.
  16. Saddleback Leatherworks
    For 100+ year lasting wallets, luggage, and cases.