(Inspired by a lot of you fine listers...from a long time ago.)
  1. Caleb Kneip!
    Makeup courtesy of my girlfriend, inspired by Hedwig & the Angry Inch. Yes. I am fun.
  2. I'm 22 years old...
    But I'm really like 390 or so. I fluctuate but the saying remains: I'm an old fart stuck in a young mans body.
  3. I'm an actor.
    I do lots of Shakespeare and other stage plays. I started my senior year of high school in Macbeth. I'm now in my final year at UC San Diego about to get a bachelors in theatre. This is me as Sir Toby from 12th Night.
  4. This is the show I'm currently in:
    I play the villain. I play the villain a lot.
  5. My current acting teacher compares me to Buster Keaton.
    Which is a HUGE compliment... even though I'm almost a foot taller than him. My other acting examples are Tom Hanks, Julie Andrews, Ian McKellan, Mel Blanc, Robin Williams, and Joseph Fuqua. Love them all.
  6. I do lots of impressions.
    I'm great at Elmo and Grover... Cookie Monster, Kermit, Julia Child, Jimmy Stewart, presidents, and Dr. Doofenscmhirtz too.
  7. I love to bake and cook.
    Which fed my Julia Child impression. Alton Brown is my other cooking idol.
  8. I am a Libertarian.
    I have voted third party in all TWO elections I've been eligible to vote. I am a big proponent of free speech, 2nd amendment, and Austrian Economics. I'll talk your ear off. Ron Paul and Milton Friedman are my favorite Libertarians.
  9. Star Wars.
    Big part of me.
  10. I love Walt Disney.
    He inspires me and is a fantastic father role model. I go to Disneyland often. I have a vintage Mickey Mouse tie clip.
  11. I really love Daxy.
    She's my beau, my gal, my best friend, my I'll-share-my-cooties-if-you-share-yours cutie. Ugh. I love her.
  12. I also love my family.
    Me, my dad, my sister, my brother-in-law, my kid sister (adopted from China so you don't have to ask), and my momma. Love them dearly.
  13. ...and friends.
    James, Andrew, and Paloma at an early costume party last week. They are so precious.
  14. I play guitar and piano.
    Wish I could play piano better. Dave Matthews is my all-time favorite musician.
  15. I follow Jesus...
    With as much of my heart mind soul and strength that I can. It's not always easy. It's often really hard. But I love him. I love my story. I love who I am. And I love who he is making me to be.
  16. And that's me!