I love working for Roberts Surfboards. These are some of my boss's (Robert Weiner's) signature phrases...
  1. Fricken
    "You're fricken on this wave getting fricken barreled and its fricken going raaaahhhhh and you're fricken ready to peel out then you do a fricken backside off the lip and dump fricken bucketssss. *claps hands and runs them together* Yeaaaaaah!"
  2. South Swell-O-Phone
    (A surfing expression about South Swell... Meaning the surf is gonna be reeeeeal good.) *ring ring* "South Swell-O-Phone!!"
  3. Magical Surfing Boards
    *ring ring* "Hello this is Robert at Roberts Magical Surfing Boards..."
  4. Don't back-paddle me.
    (A surfing expression about when in the lineup, someone 'back paddles' you and gets the wave you were in line for.) "C'mooooon Finn, don't back paddle me now. Go sand that board."
  5. C'mooooon
    See above.
  6. We've got bad news.
    "We've got bad news: Laurie forgot to print up that invoice so that board has to wait ANOTHER week before the shop gets it."
  7. Yeaaaaah!
    "Rob I'm gonna go get some Maestro's you want some?" *claps hands and rubs them together* "Yeaaaaah!"