1. Walt Disney
    The man remains at the top, for obvious reasons (just look at that mustache!). But every man needs friends.
  2. Bill Nighy
    Really knows how to rock navy "lounge" suits and long sleeve polos (and specs!). Also any of the costumes he wears as "Dad" in the fantastic film, About Time.
  3. Bill Nye
    Don't confuse with the British one above. Easy to do, but they're discernible. This one wears bow ties. And SCIENCE.
  4. Harrison Ford
    He's lately been going to events in a charcoal suit with a blue button up and no tie, which I love, cause of how casual it is, but still classy. And just check out his earring! Also I really enjoy the Indy look. For all my whip-cracking adventures. (WINK). (Ew?)
  5. Ah there we go.
  6. Langston Hughes
    See the moustache resemblance to Walt?
  7. Paul Newman
    Does this even need explaining?
  8. Jeff Bridges
    Mostly from his role in White Squall--which is a phenomenal movie, by the by. Coffee cup in hand and all. Although this one doesn't show him in his "croakies."
  9.'s one.
  10. Robert Weiner
    My old boss. Shaper of the famous Roberts Surfboards.
  11. Sir Ian McKellan
    I mean his hair is a character itself. Look at his cardigan! His scarves are exquisite too.
  12. Alton Brown
    I mean the guy is the contemporary male equivalent of Julia Child. He really got me into bow ties (along with Mr. Science Guy) as well as crocheted lapel flowers.
  13. Cruella de Vil
    Uh. Duh.